Enroll by August 15th

The deadline for enrolling in the umbrella program of MACFA is August 15th. All those wishing to enroll need to provide:

  • Enrollment Form (one per family)
  • Annual Lesson Plans (one per child enrolled)
  • TDUs (as needed for high schoolers)
  • Homeschool Notification Form (only for families that were not members at the end of the 2011-2012 school year, one per child)

Delivery by email is preferred (to macfa@mabcmd.org), except for the Homeschool Notification form where we need the original signed form.

You can find all the forms on the Enrollment Forms page.

Arts and Projects Fair

MACFA held it’s annual Arts and Projects Fair on March 24th. We had a grand time viewing the kids’ art and project work from the past year. There were dioramas, watercolors, needlework, photography, Legos, creative writings, and much more. Performing arts included singing, piano, and even a mini-sermon.

You can see the whole gallery here.